Project Freighting

We have all the necessary experiences in project freighting by air / sea and final delivery to the customers’ designated premises or site. This is particularly so in the handling of communications equipment.

Past jobs we've completed include:

Aircraft Parts for Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)

Making Plan for collection from RMAF for parts sent for repair to USA and EUROPE. Provide warehousing and inventory control. Provide wood fumigation. Liaising with consignee overseas for Import Permits for Temporary Import. Making sure cargo readiness for collection and sending back to Malaysia.

Distribution of vehicles to East Malaysia for Royal Malaysian Police (RMP)

Exporting by Sea to East Malaysia 140 motorcycles and 4 SUVs using 5 containers. Mobilizing motorcycle and car carrier at Police Depot and 2 layer stuffing of Motorcycle. Unstuffing at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Kuching, Sarawak.

Off-Shore Fish Farming Cage System for FARMOCEAN

Planning & Freighting by Sea and Air from Gothenburg Sweden of 3 units 60 tonnes steel structure for off-shore Aquaculture and assembly at Kuala Terengganu. Provide planning from pick up point and delivery point specifically and precisely while mobilizing material handling aids.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat for sea rescue mission for Ministry of Defence Malaysia

Sea Freighting of Flatrack Containers from Canada and USA to Malaysia and mobilizing special equipment such as Low Loader and Crane at site. Provide Labor and delivery planning at Malaysia Air Force Base Jugra Klang.

News Gathering Satellite System for Ministry of Communication and Culture

Air freighting and Sea freighting planning from vendors in USA, Canada and UK of complete knock down TV Satellite Equipment; Network Management System comes with C-Band Antenna and Vehicle Mounted Mobile Digital Satellite News Gathering. Provide Warehousing and Distribution in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak via utilizing general trucks, low loaders and cranes.

Special Solid Rock for Kcamroc Sdn Bhd

Arranged a shipment by sea of special 8 tonne solid rock from Zimbabwe to Port Klang and making local transport delivery to Langkawi for sculpture work on the stone commissioned by LADA Langkawi in honour of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed.

Satellite Antennas & Acessories for Scopetel Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Making plan collection and shipment by air from vendors in USA, provide warehousing and inventory control and distribution to their customers such as Ministry of Defence Malaysia, re-export to Petronas Carigali sites in Sudan and Niger and Ministry of Education for rural schools under government IT projects.

Cellular Telecommunication Equipment (017) for Sapura Holding Sdn Bhd

Logistics planning and making actual freighting and deliveries of the cellular system mainly from Finland and various vendors around the world by air and sea. Provide warehousing, labour and delivery planning to the sites utilising various means of transport and material handling aids.

Switching System for Sapura Nokia Telecommunication Sdn Bhd

Planning and freighting by Air & Sea of complete knocked down telecommunication switching system from Finland, England and Sweden for assembly at their Wangsa Maju factory and making final deliveries to Telekom Malaysia sites in Johor and Sabah states until completion of the project.

Public Prepaid Card Payphones for Sapura Holdings Sdn Bhd

Air feighting of complete knocked down payphones from Plessey UK for assembly at Sapura factory in Ulu Kelang. The assembled units were then distributed for installations all over the country including East Malaysia.

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